Service Offerings

A digital world requires rapid innovation. We as GreenCom Networks help our customers to quickly launch new services by offering pre-packaged service offerings. Those packages:

  • contain GreenCom Networks’ experience of previous product and pilot deployments
  • match the requirements of the utility of the future
  • combine EIBP applications for a specific business outcome
  • fulfill the essential technology requirements of a commercial offering

To assure a quick rollout our well proven 1 – 3 – 6 Rapid Innovation Cycle approach allows customers to have first service offerings launched commercially within 6 months.

Any IoT device can be rapidly integrated to read data and send commands within a maximum of one month. An initial proof of concept phase helps to better understand potential future service offerings by building a demonstrator within a maximum of three months. A commercial grade solution not only contains all required technological features but also demands a thorough understanding of the business case and organizational processes needed. With our vast experience in large-scale operational IoT engagements we offer our exactly that.
Examples of pre-packaged service bundles: