• First open-innovation project by GreenCom Networks links electric cars, PV systems, heat pumps and other energy equipment internationally in Germany and France
  • GreenCom open-innovation lab as a blueprint for the digital energy future
  • Companies can access live data and test their own innovative products, such as flat rates and communities
  • Reduction in energy costs by up to 20 percent, stabilization of networks and reduction in CO2 footprint

Munich, Sophia-Antipolis, 6th February 2018. The energy transition presents great challenges for the industry. The proportion of renewable energies is increasing. However, electricity generated using wind turbines and solar panels is not as easy to regulate as a power station. Network operators are thus investing billions in stabilizing the electricity grids. GreenCom Networks, a German-French platform provider for Energy-Services based in Munich and at Institut Universitaire de Technologie Sophia-Antipolis, is now offering a solution. That allows fluctuations to be reduced thanks to a digital control system and also helps energy companies to optimize their own procurement. The company is offering the industry an energy community in the form of what is known as an open-innovation lab with live data from real end customers. In this way, electric cars, PV systems, heat pumps, and other electrical equipment can, for instance, be linked to each other at the GreenCom Networks sites in Germany and France.

GreenCom CEO Dr. Christian Feißt: “With the GreenCom energy community, we offer companies access to a proven test lab so that new products and services can be developed for the energy sector. Companies have hardly any opportunity to obtain real data, systems, and product examples. This hampers product development. We want to close this gap with our open-innovation lab.” The extensive data material for the development and optimization of companies’ own business models is provided in an anonymized form.

Screenshot of GreenCom’s open innovation lab.

The GreenCom energy community is probably the very first open-innovation lab that can actually integrate and control various equipment from different major manufacturers, such as PV systems, battery storage devices, heat pumps, and electric cars. Successful services, such as Germany’s first green electricity flat rate and flexible electricity tariffs, have already been developed on this basis.

The open-innovation lab is intended to be a “living blueprint” for how energy is produced, used and traded in the future. Real use cases provide specific data and knowledge: “The aim of the GreenCom living lab is to verify compatibility and performance in a real test environment,” says Dr. Feißt. The challenge mainly lies in linking up various producers, different types of equipment and individual households while also ensuring a reliable supply and full flexibility for all those involved.

Thanks to the intelligent control system, approx. 20% of energy costs can be saved in the GreenCom energy community. What’s more, in this way, the local power consumption of electronic devices is significantly increased, and CO2 is reduced by switching consumption to green electricity times. As a result, the intelligent control system also ensures that the stabilization costs in the electricity grid are considerably reduced.

GreenCom Networks expands its business to the United States. The German-French Energy IoT platform provider will offer its platform for residential decentralized energy resources management systems (DERMS) to OEMs and utilities as a white label solution. The starting point for the US market-entry will be the DistribuTECH in San Antonio, Texas. Visitors may test a live demo themselves from the 23rd to the 25th of January at the GreenCom Networks booth #1555.

After successful engagements with customers in Europe GreenCom Networks offers its platform in the US, aiming for utilities and manufacturers as customers. Furthermore, GreenCom Networks benefits from experiences gathered in Europe: “We already made essential experiences in the area of residential DERMS with different OEMs and utilities in Europe,” says Dr. Christian Feisst, CEO of GreenCom Networks. “Therefore, we are confident to best support the growing demand for residential DERMS solutions in the US market.“

With its Energy Information Brokerage Platform (EIBP) GreenCom Networks enables the integration and optimized usage of Millions of solar PV, battery storages, heat pumps, smart thermostats or electric vehicles. This digital integration enables new, service-oriented business models like power, temperature or mobility flat-rates, energy communities or peer-to-peer energy models.

On the GreenCom Networks booth (# 1555) visitors may have a look at the EIBP and also experience a live demo of the platform with real customer data.

Ewald Woste, longstanding board member of numerous utilities in Germany, will strengthen the supervisory board of GreenCom Networks AG, Munich. The company that was only founded six years ago sets course for further strong growth with this prominent support. “GreenCom Networks provides innovative digital solutions for the energy transition based on Internet of Things technology”, says Woste. “In a digital world data, its analysis and processing becomes the raw material of the new energy world. Therefore, I am delighted to support GreenCom Networks on its successful growth path.”

Ewald Woste will support GreenCom Networks with his valuable experience in the energy market. Photo: GreenCom Networks.

For Dr. Christian Feißt, CEO of GreenCom Networks, the entry of Ewald Woste into the supervisory board is a milestone. “We are immensely proud to have won the former president of the German utility association BDEW for this function. As a former board member at Mainova and Thüga and as a member of the supervisory board of large utilities like E.ON or GASAG, Ewald Woste provides a know-how that is rarely found in Germany. He knows what is needed to transform the energy market by investing into digitization. With him in our supervisory board, we will also be able to intensify our collaboration with international customers.”

GreenCom Networks was founded in 2011 as a software provider for digitizing the energy world. Its headquarter is located in Munich, Germany, and a development center is situated at the high-tech-site Sophie Antipolis, France. As a platform provider, GreenCom Networks enables the integration and optimized usage of solar PV, battery storages, heat pumps or electric vehicles. This digital integration enables new, service-oriented business models like power, heat or mobility flat-rates, energy communities or peer-to-peer energy models.


About Ewald Woste:

Ewald Woste, 57, has more than 25 years of experience in the German energy business. Currently, he is an advisor to EQT, a Swedish private equity investor, and the Australian bank Macquarie. He is head of or member of several supervisory boards in Germany and Austria, such as E.ON, GASAG, Thüringer Energie AG or Energie Steiermark AG.

After three intense days, GreenCom Networks packed up its booth at the European Utility Week and went back to France and Germany. Along with interesting talks and presentations, we also had promising discussions and contacts to follow-up on. Thanks to everyone visiting our booth. See you next year!

From October 3rd to 5th GreenCom Networks will be offering a hands-on experience of its Energy IoT Platform at the European Utility Week 2017, Amsterdam. Along with its partners IBM, Infineon and icehub GreenCom Networks will demonstrate a first scalable prototype solution that securely connects distributed energy assets into the electrical infrastructure. The solution is based on Infineon’s OPTIGA™ embedded security chips built in icentic’s ICEHUB® connectivity products to authenticate devices that are connected to the Energy IoT platform of GreenCom.
At the GreenCom Networks booth, 5R26, visitors can take a closer look at the Energy IoT Platform, its hardware and experience the platform’s performance live.
Visitors can get a free pass here