EIBP Platform

Our EIBP Platform is hosted in the cloud and built upon the best-in-class IoT technology frameworks. It has been architected as an event driven, scalable, API oriented, micro service based platform.

Best-in-class IoT

We curated different technology frameworks in order to build the highest scalable, flexible and reliable IoT platform for the energy industry. We modified these frameworks from other industries to meet the requirements of the energy industry. The flexibility built-in through a micro-service based architecture allows a rapid evolution and customization for our customers’ needs.

Key features

GreenCom’s energy IoT platform addresses the following features: data collection, real time event processing and analytics.

It is a highly scalable, secured platform and built to enable multi-tenancy.

With the Energy IoT platform, every data coming in, e.g. meter reading, EV being plugged or a client account created could be turned into an event if needed. This allows to set-up processes cascading events and associated business logic into micro-services.

API Layer

Our API Layer allows integration into existing systems. We have complete RESTful APIs to connect with our platform and get data in or out.