EIBP Connect

EIBP Connect is our solution to integrate the new world of distributed energy devices. As distributed assets like solar PV, battery storage, electrical heating and cooling devices or wall boxes for electric vehicles are becoming more and more popular, proper connectivity solutions to digitally manage those devices are key factors for success. Our EIBP Connect software stack runs on our ICEHUB gateway or on other edge devices as well.

Features and Services:

  • Easy device connectivity via own connectivity stack for standard or proprietary protocols
  • Encompasses entire lifecycle, such as provisioning, activation, auto-discovery, swap, removal etc.
  • Bilateral communication to enable control of devices
  • Software Development Kit (SDK) to develop device drivers or applications on top of gateway platform
  • Software stack runs on any Linux-enabled devices or on dedicated gateways

Library of existing device drivers

Our EIBP Connect solution integrates with energy-relevant devices from different manufacturers. Through the usage of standards like Sunspec, EEBus or OCPP, but also through integration of proprietary protocols based on e.g. Modbus, we are able to connect to devices from more than 100 manufacturers. With our tools, we can integrate every new device type within days in case additional drivers are needed.

eibp: connect Gateway

In order to allow for an effective and economic integration of distributed assets, we jointly developed new connectivity gateway solutions with our partner icentic. While GreenCom Networks is developing the gateway stack using a Raspberry pi as reference hardware, our partner icentic has been testing various hardware alternatives, such as this low-end configuration:

  • ARM®-based single board computer (CPU Cortex-A7)
  • 4 kernels with 1.2 GHz max frequency each
  • 512 MB DDR3 RAM
  • 8 GB SD card
  • RJ-45 port
  • USB port for 5V/2A power supply

Extension modules will be considered upon request and individual casings. Additional modules like wireless modules can be embedded based upon request.


Our ICEHUB gateway has built-in leading-edge security. As a general principle, data transfer is encrypted and connection traceability is enforced. In addition, all data exchanges are following HTTPS, SSL/TLS standards and access to data is protected by credentials.

As a gateway represents an important infrastructure component in the energy industry, it is even more essential to have state-of-the-art IoT security embedded in our gateways. Together with our partner Infineon, we built in Infineon’s latest version of the OPTIGATM Trust X security chip to have maximum communication encryption.