Energy Information Brokerage Platform

The Energy Information Brokerage Platform is the basis for the GreenCom solutions. It is a high-performance and scalable platform.


Key features include:

Features & Performance:

  • Provides unlimited number of connected devices
  • Processes up to 80bn messages per day in real-time
  • Actively controls devices

Features & Connectivity:

  • Outstanding device connectivity (Gateways, SCADA, TCP/ IP, API, Excel, xml, various IEC protocols…)
  • Connection to third party applications & data feeds
  • No-SQL Database: Easy adding of new devices and services

Features & Optimization:

  • Self-learning algorithms
  • Optimization “Workbench” for your individual optimization algorithms
  • Real-time energy market data already included

Features & Security:

  • Highest level of security & data protection
  • Anti-DDoS mitigation infrastructure
  • Servers in Europe


GreenCom Networks has selected and integrated best-of-breed solutions that were originally developed by leading edge software service houses.


  • Cassandra: NoSQL distributed database management system originally developed by Facebook
  • Kafka: Message broker originally developed by LinkedIn
  • Mesos: Cluster manager originally developed at the University of California, Berkeley
  • Storm: Distributed computation framework originally developed by BackType/Twitter
  • Spark: Cluster computing framework originally developed at University of California, Berkeley.

These components are used today by leading players of the digital world.

A significant part of our development team comes from the telco area. Having gathered a vast knowledge in handling millions of devices we are now applying this to energy industry.