Energy IoT Platform

Our Energy Information Brokerage Platform (EIBP) is the foundation for energy companies’ future services. Our deep experience from the telecommunication market where we managed millions of devices helped us to create a best-in-class Internet of Things platform for the energy market with all relevant components.

We understand that IoT is much more than data analytics: It is connectivity of devices, processing and analysing large amounts of data, actively controlling devices and provisioning of relevant applications. On top, it is about having highly efficient operations in place, so relevant service tools help managing the IoT device fleet when our customers go beyond little pilots and handle large numbers of devices.

Last but not least, GreenCom Networks EIBP is thought as a strong mediation platform that creates the flexibility for new service offerings to be built and deployed, while providing linkage to other business systems.

EIBP Connect – we connect distributed, energy-relevant assets through our connectivity solution. Our software stack can run on our partners’ gateway hardware just like on other edge devices.

EIBP Platform – the core of our solution is a highly scalable energy IoT platform that can process data from millions of devices in close to real-time. As data is the new oil of any digital economy, our platform contains leading edge technology frameworks proven in other industries that require processing of large data volumes. In addition, we embedded machine-learning capabilities to forecast and optimize the usage of devices for a highly intelligent, distributed energy management.

EIBP Applications – pre-built applications for the energy market allow our customers to quickly ramp up new services towards their end customers. Customization possibilities help our customers to stand out within a very competitive service market. Additional service tools help managing the device fleet properly by minimizing manual process steps as IoT is not working without effective operations.

Next to our own solution components, we have vast integration capabilities with the existing system landscape of energy companies to allow for end-to-end digital processes. These components allow our energy customers to package their future offerings like energy flat-rates or energy communities.