Our Vision

Currently, utilities operate in a very volatile market. More than ever, the future efficiency and profitability of the energy market depend on the industry’s ability to come up with new business models, designed to meet the major challenges ahead. This is where we come in.

Three challenges are generally acknowledged to shape the energy markets of the future

  • Growing energy demand
  • Security of supply
  • Sustainability

Experts are still discussing the implications of these trends and utilities everywhere are working on plans to meet these challenges. Some answers crop up regularly: decentralization and demand management. In a mature market such as Germany, where the big suppliers are now struggling to run their power stations profitably, 1.3 million small renewable generation plants are already active. Decentralization is definitely coming.

As for security of demand and sustainability it has long been acknowledged that the answers can’t simply lie in increased power generation. Fossil fuels are limited and can often only be harvested at huge expense. And fossil fuels increase CO2-emissions, the main culprit of climate change.

An undervalued asset

To date, utilities are struggling to offer differentiating products to their end customers. At GreenCom Networks, we see enormous potential in interacting positively with these customers and in making use of the various decentralized power generation/storage units these customers represent. Managing them like a Virtual Power Plant (VPP) could even cut out the need for additional power stations. This is interesting not only because it helps to reduce CO2 emissions, but also because in mature markets, some utilities now struggle to run their power plants profitably.

An elegant solution

GreenCom Networks offers a unique range of Software solutions which sit between the provider and the end customer, making the careful management of demand and the integration of decentralized generation into the general energy supply possible whilst giving the customer a fully satisfactory and smooth experience.

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