Management Team

Our team of experts is our greatest asset. Combining as it does specialists from telecoms, technology, industry automation, utilities, and consultancy, we bring unique insight into the mechanics as well as the business aspects of the utility business. Our EIBP is the result of an intense process of cross-industry thinking, looking at every aspect of the business.

Our Management Board


Dr. Christian Feißt – Chief Executive Officer

Christian was the founder and Managing Director for Smart Grid at Cisco Systems. Before joining Cisco, Dr. Christian Feißt spent 10 years working in the utility industry for the management consultancies A.T. Kearney and Booz Allen Hamilton. He holds a PhD in business administration from the University of Hohenheim.


Dr. Frank S. Robert – Chief Finance Officer

Frank brings 15 years of experience in Management Consulting with The Boston Consulting Group and Cisco Systems to GreenCom Networks. Before joining GreenCom, he was responsible for the Development of Cisco’s European Smart Grid Business. He holds a PhD in physics from the Technical University of Aachen (RWTH).


Olivier Brie – Chief Product Officer

In 2010 Olivier founded Ubinode, a company specializing in IoT Network Management, together with Sébastien Alegret and Mathieus Pinson and brings 20 years of experience in Software Development. Before founding Ubinode, Olivier Brie was leading Accenture‘s software group developing and operating service delivery platforms for major telecom providers in Europe. He holds a bachelor in computer science from the University of Strasbourg.


Peter Müller-Brühl – Chief Operating Officer

As entrepreneur and investor, Peter has been involved in various start-up companies. Prior to his entrepreneurial activities, he held executive positions in the automotive and other industries, among others acting as CIO Germany for DaimlerChrysler Sales. He holds business degrees from Middlesex University London and European School of Business (ESB) in Reutlingen, as well as an MBA from Ottawa University. Peter also serves on various supervisory & advisory boards of technology companies.

 Our Leadership Team


Sébastien Alegret – Chief Technology Officer

Sébastien has worked almost 10 years for Accenture’s Communication and High Tech organisation as a Manager for designing, developing and supporting OSS solutions, which were served to major clients in the telecommunications industry. Together with Olivier Brie and Mathieu Pinson he founded Ubinode in 2010. He holds a master in computer science from Polytech Nice-Sophia.


Mathieu Pinson – Head of Engineering

In addition to a strong sense of thoroughness, Mathieu brings over 10 years of experience as Software Development lead for Accenture, overseeing developer teams working on software and services for large telcos and related industries. In 2010, Mathieu founded Ubinode together with Olivier Brie and Sébastien Alegret. He holds a master in computer science from Polytech Nice-Sophia.



Hannes Behacker – Senior Vice President Sales & Business Development

Hannes has dedicated himself to renewable energy. He served in various senior roles at renewable companies. Among those, SVP Strategy and SVP Asia-Pacific Middle East for Q-Cells, a leading Solar PV provider. He also served as Director Global Inverter Product Management and Director International Inverter Sales for Advanced Energy. Hannes started his career as a management consultant with Booz Allen Hamilton. He studied business administration at HHL Leipzig and Chicago Booth.


Tobias Bruns – Head of Service Delivery

Tobias together with Michael founded the company Enwida in 2012 – providing data services for the energy market with a particular focus on virtual power plants. Before, he gathered multiple years of experience along the entire value chain in the utility industry  – ranging from coal power stations to Smart Home – at the E.ON Inhouse Consulting. Tobias is a graduate industrial engineer. He studied at the University of Technology Braunschweig, the University of Economics Prague as at the State University of New York.


Dr. Michael Steck – Head of Optimization & Analytics

His marked preference for numbers and exact science is characteristic of Michael’s professional career. After his studies of Power Plant Engineering, he did a PhD at TU Munich about innovative algorithms to control Virtual Power Plants. During his time at the Research Center of Energy Economics in Munich he enlarged his technical knowledge of plant engineering and combined it with energy economic aspects. As founder of Enwida he advises operators of Virtual Power Plants on how to gain profits by analyzing energy economic data. At Greencom Networks, he is responsible for the data analysis and the optimization of distributed energy devices.