The energy world is changing rapidly

Renewable energy is on the rise. More and more households are producing their own energy. Mobility will become electric. Prices for energy storages are dropping.

The Internet of Things reaches the energy market

Meanwhile, more and more devices are connected and the Internet of Things speeds up the energy market’s transition: from centralized to decentralized; from analog to digital; from consumer to prosumer; from simple demand to optimization.

The way established utilities are doing business is coming under pressure

Be it energy communities, peer-to-peer energy or flat-rates – the utility of the future will manage and service such distribution models, helping customers to optimize consumption and production.

GreenCom offers unique solutions for the utility of the future

Our Energy Information Brokerage Platform (EIBP) enables new business models and our unique end-to-end offering the transition towards a digital energy economy. With our platform innovative services such as energy autarky, flat-rate tariffs, energy communities, district energy and more become possible.

Features of our EIBP:

  • connectivity of distributed energy devices like solar PV, battery storage, electrical heating and cooling or wall boxes for electric vehicles but also cloud integration with other data service providers
  • highly scalable energy IoT platform that is capable of processing data from millions of devices in close to real-time and generating forecasts and optimized usage schedules through embedded self-learning algorithms
  • energy-relevant applications to enable new digital energy services and energy communities by connecting devices and customers with each other