About us

GreenCom Networks is a Software-as-a-Service Company, offering white-label solutions for the utility industry and energy service companies (ESCOs). We enable management of energy demand, supply and storage capacity within Virtual Power Plants for the evolving energy markets.

In order to make functioning smart grids a reality, end customers have to be actively integrated into the energy cycle. Customers, many of them micro-producers, will win extra value from smart applications which allow them to fine-tune their household/company energy efficiency or to manage their individual power generation or storage unit, such as solar panels or electric vehicles.

Our software allows utilities to integrate the many micro-producers into their offering, thereby increasing the general efficiency of the network and provision. At the same time, our compelling web portals and mobile apps, displaying personalized and relevant information increase customer retention and enable new business models and ways of customer interaction for utilities and ESCOs.

GreenCom Networks is based in Munich, Germany and Sophia-Antipolis, France. Sophia-Antipolis is a technology and science park with currently over 30.000 employees working in 1.300 technology companies.